It started with BOB (T1 v1)

One of the robots that really fascinated me that I thought I could build was a T1 from Terminator 3.  It was a tracked robot with twin mini-guns (another thing I wanted to build).  So I went about building a rather large Lego version for the 2010 Great Western Lego Show which is our club’s (Brickish) largest event.
My first giant robot based on T1
More pictures can be found here:
Bob Flickr Stream
Bob suffered from a few major issues.

Due to its weight (well over 20KG) it could only turn on low friction floors.  The base of it was nearly a meter square running double tracks each side powered by 4 XL motors (directly linked to sprockets). Going forward was very quick but turning just did not work well. I only actually found this out on the day of the show where I discovered the floor was anti-slip carpet.

The robot had very clever communications in my opinion. It used 4 NXT’s (2 slave, 2 master)  which communicated via bluetooth. One set of NXT’s had an accelerometer which when moved, would move one of the robots arms so that it would mimic the users moments. The other set of NXT’s also had an accelerometer to control the other arm however it also had a mode button so that you could control the robot’s other functions (moving, body rotation and lift, head movement) via the same accelerometer but in different modes. Each master NXT also had a fire button to fire the Zamor launchers on each arm.
The problem was that the bluetooth communication just was not stable enough and also suffered from lag and loss of data. You would put it in arm movement mode and it would instead move the tracks. There there would be a large amount of lag which meant the robot was always a few seconds behind. In practice, this caused the robot to drive itself in to a table 30 minutes after the show opened causing a partial rebuild in front of many people!  Quite embarrassing.

The robot also had a large main body beam (around 4ft long) that had to be counter balanced via many boat/train weights which caused even more weight issues. This main beam actually snapped a few technic beams while it was being built. The main beam could rise up via 5 pneumatic rams. However it required over 30psi to start it off (see below). This caused other issues.

I also completely covered Bob in black plate, which had a habit of falling off and also added more weight.

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