Lego weight test using the multi-directional Rotacaster wheels.

I was lucky enough to win a set of 3 48mm Rotacaster multi-directional wheels from a competition held on BotBench.  These wheels are built to be compatible with Lego axels.

I have great plans for these wheels but first I thought I would put them through a simple weight test. Now according to the website the wheels can take up to 35KG per wheel however I don’t think the plastic Lego axels can!

I spent around 15 minutes building a rather simple platform to test out the wheels on. 2 of the wheels were directly connected to 2 PF XL motors (1 per wheel). The main point of this test was  to see is how much weight a simple layout could move and more importantly turn.

Once I get a rough idea of the basics then I can scale it up for my bigger models using more gearing, more motors or even more wheels.  As stated in my previous post, moving heavy weight is my biggest issue when building my robots.

In my opinion, 2 non geared xl motors moving and turning 12.5 kg of weight is pretty impressive!  Maybe I should use them to move my son around the house:)

For more information on these wheels, please visit Rotacaster.

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