A bit of a late post being I went to LEGO WORLD Zwolle over a month a go however I still felt I needed to post about it.  It was a fantastic event and the LUG’s that hosted it were very friendly.  It was the largest LEGO event that I had ever been to and I believe about 65,000 people go to it over the 7 days!  It had huge LEGO displays, cinema, stage, build areas, maze, massive shops, ponies to ride and an inside forest area with LEGO animals!  It felt a bit more commercial than what I was used to and there were quite a few AFOL displaying sets/collections however the MINDSTORMS area was fantastic.  I honestly feel it was the best display there and the most international one.  People from All over Europe where on our stand!

Here is the Flickr feed for the show, judge for yourself.

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