Looking back at old code : SplatIT

After I had submitted Stupid Chicken I thought I would look back on SplatIT. This was the first ever game I made for iOS which led on to me making it for Android and Windows Phone 7. This simple whacker mole type game was purely a project to get something simple submitted and learn from it.

So I decided to revisit the code, boy have things changed. It was targeted at iOS3!! No blocks, storyboards, @2x etc, ARC.

So, for fun I thought I would spend a hour or so moving it through the ages. Getting it to work with an iPhone 5, using storyboards and ARC.

I deleted a lot more code than I added, by quite a bit! I was tempted to convert to SpriteKit but decided thats overkill and rather pointless. I could spend that time making a good game.

I have submitted the new version, added iAds, made it work with different screen resolutions etc.

Lets see what happens.

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