Stupid Chicken has been submitted to the Apple Appstore

So last night I set myself the target to release Stupid Chicken for the iPhone. This game was originally built at Dave’s Crazy Game Jam but was far from finished.

I used Trello to map out the minimum I needed to do.

– Sign backup as an Apple Developer as I can’t really release it under the work account. This led me to setting up all the certificates and provisioning profiles which is a lot easier in Xcode 5 than it used to be. Generally in my day to day job I don’t need to do this.

– Add all required graphics for all screen sizes (icons, backgrounds etc). I invested in iDraw which had really good reviews and was only £17.99 on the Mac store. It had a good tutorial on how to make nice buttons which I needed.

– Add game over screen, this for now is a simple alert.

– Add Facebook and Twitter sharing. This for the moment uses the native iOS social framework. Generally I would use the Facebook one but that felt a little over kill for the moment.

– Add Apple iAds. This was so simple to do. Well done Apple.

– Fix outstanding bugs!

I did this, and submitted the app. Hopefully it will be approved shortly.

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