Developing for the Pebble Steel

I don’t generally wear a watch but for Christmas my wife got me a Pebble Steel smart watch which was exactly what I wanted 🙂  I wanted this over an Android Wear device because it works with iOS as well as Android, plus it has a battery life of more than a day!

The watch works seamlessly with my iPhone, and everything is so easy to use, access etc.  I find it funny the Pebble Steel works so well with iOS but my Google Glass does not (yes there is an iOS app for Google Glass, getting all of your notifications to appear on the Glass seems impossible.)

Developing for the Pebble is done online in their Cloud Editor, you can develop using Javascript or C.  As a iOS developer I went for C and was really impressed by how easy it was to develop in a browser and then deploy to the watch with a single click of a button!  The tutorials are pretty easy to follow and understand.  I did have an issue when I switched to using Javascript (3rd tutorial) where you have to define constants via the IDE settings area.   However that could of been user error 🙂

I think they have done a real good job from start to finish with the Pebble.  If you fancy starting development, check out



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