Goodbye O2, Hello Reach

So 3 years ago, I joined O2’s innovation lab as their iOS developer. I didn’t actually do much hardcore iOS development per se, instead I researched new technology and rapidly created prototypes to demonstrate to the wider business. It was awesome fun and I learned so much on so many different fronts (how Corps works, AI/data science, VR/AR, the list goes on). As the lab developed, it’s future seemed to be focused on machine learning and big data, I decided to move in to Digital Products team to lead the Android development for O2Drive, O2’s telematics solution. Though I miss the crazy lab work, I missed doing mobile development more. My Android was a little out of date but I do enjoy a challenge and I learned a lot. I have to say that the O2Drive team was lovely and very welcoming! They really were driven to produce a great product!

So I start Reach on the 9th of April as their Application Development Lead which I am super excited about. I generally don’t change jobs very option (twice in 16 years) and don’t even have a cv! I believe they do a lot of Android and C# development but I am hoping to shake things up a bit with some Swift! It would be nice to do some iOS, Android and maybe try out cross platform solution like Xamarin or React. I believe they have used Xamarin in the past πŸ™‚

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