Robots, ROBOTS and more ROBOTS

So, happy New Years everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas! With the start of a new year, begins new challenges!

Last Year
So last year was a good year, new job, completed a lifelong goal to do a bodybuilding show, got a diploma and started Vibe Innovation/ Search Engine and some other things.

I didn’t however, do any robotics projects, I didn’t really build anything crazy and I didn’t release Hack24 etc.

The plans for this year
So I started writing down the usual New Years resolution (Family, Grym Training, Money saving, 10 different projects, take over the world etc) and thought, hey maybe I should just try and do less but better as that worked very well for my bodybuilding show. I focused singlely on that and succeeded. So I started thinking about all the stuff I enjoy that does not make me feel like I am doing work etc. I have a great job, so I need to also have great hobbies that are enjoyable and don’t feel like work 🙂

So I am turning my spare time back to building robots and whacky stuff but to a whole new level. Finally, I am actually getting round to designing them (as opposed to building them out of LEGO etc). I have already started using design tools like Fusion 360, I have printed out one of my own designs on my 3D printer, and tonight I did my first CNC design and fired it up on my CNC machine. I have made more progress this week than I did last year!

From the software point of view, I have already (last week) written a little Android app that is like Alexa (hot-word controlled to then stream audio to a server, then process it). I also want to get back into ROS (Robotic Operating System) so that my robot runs the industry standard. I do want to find a use for Burf but it will probably be linked to the robot somehow as a knowledge base.

I think the mindset change is that instead of thinking, will this project/thing improve me, it’s now, will this project/thing be fun.

So here is the current list of old and new projects (subject to change 🙂 )

Robots (FUN)
– Build my own custom robot (this is the big one)
– Fire up my old Lidar VEX one (for learning ROS, a small amount of work, helps above)
– Finish the VEX humanoid (I promised to do it and helps the other robotic projects)

– : Development paused until I think of use (probably for robots) Likely to be re-written in .net core to learn for work
– Vibe Innovation: Needs a redesign and to really home in on what I want to offer (proof of concept work, AKA fun).
– Burf Development: This really should become Vibe I think, but for the moment, it’s not going anyway

– Echo : I resigned from this before Christmas because I felt it needed a whole team of devs!
– Hack24 : paused, likely dead… LibGDX just seems to cause me issues!
– Build either a Car or Traction Engine out of Meccano, why, because it would be fun!

It may still seem to some a lot (6 projects) but a few of them wouldn’t take very long to do (e.g website update, Meccano vehicle), and then clear the way for everything else which all kinda link with each other.

Let’s see if I actually stick to it 🙂

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