My servers shit the bed!

So, this year I plan to focus on my robotics and try and get back into machine learning. With my usual way of working, I thought I would fire up the Blade Server (HP C7000) and start getting some environments going etc. Server says no! Well its admin console does anyway and this is how you control all the blades. So after a week of kicking it, I decided to get something more practical (and something I could actually lift). I got a HP DL580 Gen 7 + HP StorageWorks running 16TB of space! PERFECT

Round 2: More shitting of the bed!
So everything was going great except the StorageWorks Disk Array seemed a little slow, sometimes it would do 500mb a sec, then 700k??? Then it shut down a few times and now it doesn’t even switch on 🙁 Hopefully it will be replaced this week however I had just got used to HyperV and made a few Vm’s to replace my old servers.

I think once I have a server infrastructure that works even when it’s not a full moon, I am going to start rewriting the search engine so that NLP (Natural Language Processing) is built in at the start. I am thinking of building a search engine just for science and technology articles.

On other news, I have been checking out YOLO (You only look once) for image recognition using Tensorflow. It is super cool and I hope to use it soon with real-time video for my robots.

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