Burf : The reboot!

Did you notice I didn’t say Burf.co? Well, there is a reason for that!

I hope (really hope) that this is the first article of many on the road to me returning to building stuff! It’s been a long road filled with many personal issues (Divorce for example), redundancy, and COVID however I feel that journey is now at a end. I am rather excited about the future and have already started a few projects


So I have returned to Compsoft Creative, briefly as a Senior Software Engineer (C# and Android) and then promoted to the Head of Software Engineering! Compsoft has always been a fantastic place to work and I hope to try and make it even better.


Yep, I have a new hobby and I am really enjoying it! I have as much fun fixing/restoring them as I do riding them. I have owned about 6 bikes in the last year, plus an awesome Robin Reliant Trike. It’s a great hobby with my father and takes me back to being a kid again.

GWiz of Death

One of my less popular purchases was a tiny electric car called a GWiz. New, they were a terrible car, mine being left to die for many years which made it just that little bit shitter. When it was delivered (as it didn’t work), it was a shed. I have had great fun trying to fix it and now it actually moves. The aim is to get it to do 60mph within a few minutes (or before I run out of road)


So due to a few reasons (electric bills of £200pm) I shut down Burf.co and turned everything off, I killed Vibe Innovation and gave up on anything interesting until home life had settled down a bit. As I said, I think it’s time to start resuming the coding projects and I have turned Burf.co back on :). I hope to actually do some cool stuff with Burf.co in the coming months

Inmoov robot

I did start restoring it in 2019/2020 but had to take a break from it. I did lots of stuff to it but just didn’t make any videos. Like Burf.co, I hope to get this moving on soon 🙂

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