The Wednesday Update: Today was an awesome day!

So, as mentioned before I have reduced my hours at work so that I can try and learn new exciting things, mainly around Robotics, and actually get stuff done without impacting the family. So Wednesday’s I only work until 12.

Today was a really good productive day!

Gwiz Update

After not being on the road for 7 years, having only done 8 miles since 2015, the Gwiz is back on the road! This really started the afternoon off to a good start. For anyone who doesn’t know what this car is, it was one of the first mainstream (ish) electric cars that were popular in London. I believe around 4000 were sold in the UK back between 2005-2008. My aim is to make this drive itself 🙂

Robotics Update

Even if the day stopped with the Gwiz passing, it would have been a good day. However, I decided to start work back on my Inmoov head and work on making its Jaw do lipsync. Far from perfect but it is working and it’s the start of me building stuff.

A bit of a mess
Not the worst soldering

Alfies new room

Alfie had been sharing a bedroom with his brothers and so once my ex left, I really wanted to try and make him a cool room. Alfie painted the walls the colour he wanted, the carpet he chose, and to finish it off we added some Alexa enable stuff. But wait, that wasn’t enough, after some search Alfie found a bed he really liked. It had a LED backlight and Bluetooth speakers built-in. This arrived today and my father and I built it in rapid time. Now he can actually sleep in his room!

The icing on the cake

Honestly, I was so chuffed by now, it’s 5:30pm and I feel I have achieved so much! However, Alfie, my 10-year-old son comes to me and says’s “Dad I am ready to release my Roblox game, I need your help”. I was on it like a car bonnet. Between us we got it released and I can’t be prouder! I bought Alfie a Roblox coding book for Christmas as he asked for it and he has been reading it at night off his own back. I think that was a good investment! Well done Alfie!

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