The Wednesday Update: Not the Wednesday I was looking for

So I must have jinxed this week’s Wednesday but having such a good one last week. Don’t get me wrong some good things did happen but it wasn’t the best day!


MakeBlock is a similar STEM educational company to Vex Robotics and LEGO Education. They have a range of kids products from 4+ plus right up to full-on Arduino Robotics kits for Universities. I was invited to have a chat with them about what they are up to. All I can say is watch this space 🙂


So I have been testing the batteries and 1 was very ill (kicking out 8v instead of 12+) I have replaced this but it hasn’t actually made much difference. The next plan is to invest some money (well more than £1) and upgrade it to 60v! (5 * 12v batteries) This should make it go rather fast!

Yamaha 535 Motorbike

This motorbike has been in the garage more than I have had hot dinners. I love the look of this bike but I have been very unlucky with it not running correctly/blowing up/breaking etc. Anyway this Wednesday afternoon I thought I would go and pick it up as it’s now “Fixed”.

Don’t ever deviate from your plan to pick up something that has a high chance of not actually working (yup, I got 1 mile up the road before having issues). By the time it was “fixed again” my afternoon was written off!!! (Update : It’s now broken again)

The END!

Other achievements this week.

Finished an introduction to Python course by Future Learn. I needed to re-introduce myself to Python for a self-driving course by Udacity that I want to do.

Made slight progress with my Robotics Diploma (module 1 done)

Listened to a great podcast by Lex Fridman interviewing Rodney Brooks (epic person in robotics)

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