The Wednesday Update: The Speed Edition!

So another Wednesday update! This time, we have hit unprecedented speeds!

Gwiz Update: 65 volts of pure madness

Yup, I hit 34MPH in this bad boy uphill, I think any faster and I would need to change my pants. It does become apparent that maybe the brakes need upgrading! The next test is to take it out onto normal roads!

Inmoov head update

I have now started moving the electronics into the skull so that it is more self-contained. I personally think it’s looking pretty awesome. Once I have wired in the speakers I will be able to get it to talk and listen to commands.


Still progressing with Introduction to Machine Learning however I wanted to focus on actually building stuff this week


I bought a cheap old robotic hover this week after the Rodney Brooks podcast that I recommended last week. I found it really interesting to see how it behaved and plotted its paths around my downstairs. It only has basic sensors (no Lidar) but it was really interesting. My son Max also found it rather interesting and spent 30 minutes playing with it.

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