The Wednesday Update

Welcome to another Wednesday update, on a Friday. This week there isn’t much to actually report. This is due to my electrics in my house being updated. It appears I have an old-style consumer unit where the fuses are winding wire. Not the safest for 3 small kids and so I am getting a new consumer united fitted by a friend. It has Surge Protection and Dual RCDs (see I learned something lol) so hopefully, that keeps everyone a little safer.

I also learned about curtains this week, yup random I know but I needed some new ones as my old ones came with the house!!

Robotics Update

The main robotics update this week is that I finished my Robotics diploma which I found pretty hard but very interesting. I am glad I did it as it covered areas I had not known about. Below is a list of the modules.

I think this was well worth the money I spent and the quiz at the end of each module was super useful.


I also did some maths with my dad and my son Alfie 🙂 Boy did that get the grey matter fired up!

Next to come…

So there are still 2 big courses I want to do, I want to improve my maths and learn about electronics. However, I think I am going to some building for the next couple of weeks.

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