The Wednesday Update: Swagger Edition

So welcome to another Wednesday update. Hopefully today my electrics to my house will be updated! No major breaks throughs this week due to housework however things are still moving.

The major bit of work done this week was to update so that it used a reverse proxy and could have a proper API endpoint. Before I was using horrible PHP proxy scripts to make API calls from the hosting through to my home server to keep it all SSL. Now, this has gone and I have a nice Swagger endpoint. I am also working on a new Image endpoint to tell me what is in an image.


A few weeks back I removed the Energy Management System (EMS) and the built-in Charger (that also outputted 12v for the dash). This was very old tech and had a habit to cooked the batteries with 40amps. I have replaced this with some eBay 12/24v battery chargers to hopefully keep the batteries running for longer. I need to properly wire it in however the concept works.

Diploma in Robotics

Seems I passed with flying colours, I scored over 90% on my Robotics course which means a Distinction!

Inmoov Robotic Head

I have made slight improvements to the red robotic head by fixing the audio board and speech board inside the head. It’s nearly ready to run off a single power supply however everything except the Raspberry Pi will run on 6v. Should be finished soon 🙂

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