The Wednesday Update: Getting there!

Welcome to another Wednesday update on Friday, for the trained eye you will also notice there was not an update last week, Apologies for that! I am having a new kitchen/diner/bathroom done and so the entire house is a mess. My mum is finally out of the hospital too, and other things that would affect my Wednesday sessions are all nearly resolved 🙂

The main focus has been the Inmoov Robot

Inmoov Robot

So making good progress with the robot, the new arm will be attached soon and then I can start the wiring up 🙂

Gwiz Update

I have now configured the battery capacity meter properly so I know how much battery power I still have in the tank

Electronics course

I am 50% through this and still learning great stuff, we have not covered

  • Inductors
  • Transistors
  • Switches and Relays

Hosting for

So is hosted with HostPapa who up until now has been rather helpful with any issues etc. I signed a 3-year hosting deal so I didn’t need to worry about it for a while which featured unlimited hosting, bandwidth, etc. However, it seems my blog backup process uses far too much I/O resources (they first said my site got too much traffic!! unlimited??) and they threatened to shut it down! I have argued with them for a couple of weeks now as to how can they sell unlimited XYZ when it’s limited by another factor not mentioned on the sign-up. Plus my site is only small!!! Anyway, it’s still ongoing so if the site is down, it’s because of them!

It’s rather annoying as I had thought of a good idea for however it would require more I/O resources and that would get me booted!

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