The Wednesday Update: The End

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday update, again on the wrong day. I would be quite interested to see how many of my Wednesday updates actually came out on Wednesday.

So sadly this is the end (for the moment) of the Wednesday update. Due to the current climate, I am returning to work full time. I do still plan to do robotics and try and meet my end-of-year goals however I will have to fit this around work and kids like normal people 🙂

Not a lot to report due to trying to get fit (lost over a stone) and the UK heatwave that we have had.

Mobility Scooter

So last editions I mentioned that the Gwiz was sold, now I have a mobility scooter to play with, again with the same goal as the Gwiz, make it work and self-drive. I feel that with the mobility scooter, it could be quite a bit safer and easier to make it drive. Less chance of death! A cheap LIDAR system has just arrived from China, so that may become very useful 🙂 I still have the electric wheelchair to try out also.

Inmoov robot

So it now has both of its arms on, so that’s good! The only outstanding 3D printed bits are cosmetic really. I then need to do the electronics etc and programming.


I am a little (far) behind where I wanted to be with training etc, seems the real world gets in the way of it. I find it pretty hard to do online learning in front of a computer after I have already done a full day of work on the same machine. I will push through as I am around 75% done on my electronics course.

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