Burf.co : About

Burf.co is currently an experiemental search engine built by Simon Burfield as a sort of come back of Burf.com which he sold back in 2008. The Internet was a completely different place back then, well it was a lot smaller anyway!

Burf.com was fairly well known search engine back then that offered a range of free services (different types of searches, SEO, Forums (php forums for the win), Proxy service to keep you safe and even games.

With Burf.co, the aim is to bring some of that magic back while giving the user a great private experience. The search results are a little poor at the moment and the actual index of sites can't compare to Google, however over time, we will improve if people use it!

Burf.co is not an aggregator of other search engines, we currently use data from the CommonCrawl