The Great Western LEGO Show

The Great Western LEGO Show was held at Swindon Steam Museum and took place on the 6th and 7th of October and boy was it a busy one. With over 8400 people turns up. The place was rammed. I took my largest ever display featuring:

  • T1
  • The LEGO Wheelchair
  • Wheeler the robot
  • NXT train layout
  • Robotic arm
  • Pneumatic steam engine
  • Robotic pneumatic body
  • Simple Theo walker
  • A really simple line follower


Here are some awesome professional videos of the event.

I also took some videos.

And finally my Flickr steam.

Great Western LEGO Show 2012



World First : The LEGO Wheelchair

So here is a prototype of my latest project, the LEGO Wheelchair which is capable of moving a 90KG person around a room using just LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Technic and Rotacaster multi-directional wheels.  This is still a prototype and under constant development however I really wanted to let people see what I have been up to.

My wife giving version 0.8 a test drive.

Me having an initial go on version 0.5.

The lastest version uses 6 LEGO Mindstorms NXT’s for moving and 1 NXT(master) for controling the direction.  Each of the driving NXT’s has 2 NXT motors attached to it and 2 touch sensors used to control direction.  The master NXT has 4 touch sensors connected (forward, back, left and right) and 2 motors to switch on the drive touch sensors.  It is programmed in RobotC.

One of the next things on the list is to add remote control to the wheelchair using an Android device.  The chair is controlled via 1 NXT, this will be very straight forward to control via bluettooth.

Flickr stream

Special thanks goes to LEGO and Rotacaster for supporting this project!