Hack24 : How to play


First, thank you for downloading Hack24, we hope to bring you lots of cool features in the near future.  If you have any ideas for the game, please let us know.

Aim of the game

To have the most credits in the game!  Your current world rank is displayed in the top left hand corner of the screen.  We will be introducing perks for people in the top 10.

How do I make money?

There are a few ways to make money:

  • Explore and find items (floating cubes), some of these items give you money, special skills and protection.
  • Hack a building, if you guess the correct code word, it will give you money.  Player owned buildings give you more money.
  • Claim money from buildings that you buy.  Money is built up over time but be warned other players could hack your building and get your money!
  • Rob players.  This requires you to work out the code word and will give you 10% of their fortune!

How do I hack a building?

Click on a building and an information screen will appear with the option to hack the building, The level indicates how hard it will be.  You can not hack the same building within 10 minutes.

When you press the hack button, a screen with a keyboard will appear.  There will be blue dashes indicating how long the word is.  If you selected to hack a player owned building.  You will have a countdown timer to complete the hack in.

Also displayed is your life, this is how many keys you can press incorrectly before you fail.  If you fail to hack, you will lose half the money you would have gained so be careful.

What does Health items do?

Health items give you more life and so more chances to guess the code word when hacking buildings and robbing players.

What does Brute force hack do?

If you have a Brute Force Hack Item and your level is within 2 levels of the building, then using this item will instantly hack the building.

What does a Master Key (M Key) do?

If you own a Master Key item, this will allow you to instantly hack the building.  Remember, some buildings have items inside them also to collect.

How do I buy a building?

When you have enough money, clicking on a building will show an information screen with an extra button on it called Buy.  This only appears when you have enough money to buy that building.  Building prices are based on the level of the building and the higher the level the more that building will cost but also make you money.

How do I hack a person?

To hack a person, simply click on them and hit the hack button. Be warned that you only have 30 seconds to guess the code word.  If you lose, you will lose XP as opposed to money.

A person robbed me / hacked my buildings, how do I find them?

You can only rob a person when they are online.  You can use the Ping Item to find out if they are online and if successful it will tell you where they are.  You can then go and find them or Teleport to them.  Once you find them, you can them rob them or scan them which will reveal the locations of all of their buildings.

What does the Scan item do?

The Scan item allows you to find out all information about a players buildings including location, level and when they were last claimed.  This is a great way to find out what buildings contain the most money.

What does the Teleport item do?

This item allows you to teleport to anywhere in the game, just remember to have 2 of them if you need to get back to where you were.

What’s this Teleport button at the top of the screen for?

This button allows you to teleport to any building that you have bought.

What’s this HUD button at the top of the screen for?

When you switch the HUD button on, it puts a fence around every building indicating who owns them:

  • Green ones are open to buy.
  • Red ones are player buildings not owned by you.
  • Blue buildings are owned by you.

What is this Inventory button at the top of the screen for?

This lists all the current items you own.  Some of the items can be used within this screen.

What are these spinning cubes about?

These are the game items.  Collect as many as you can. Different colours indicate how rare they are.  Rarer cubes can only be found inside buildings.

How do I buy items?

If you enter the building shown below and click on the brown box, this will bring up a screen where you can buy any item.

buying a item

buying a item

What is the player Level and XP for?

The higher level you are, the easier hacking gets. You gain 1 extra life when hacking / robbing per level you gain.  XP is used to move you up to the next level.  So once you reach a certain amount of XP, you will automatically gain a level.

How do I get xp?

There are a few ways to gain XP in the game

  • Hack a building successfully
  • Rob a player successfully
  • Explorer areas on the game that no other has.

What does the Shield item do?

The shield item protects you from being robbed by other players for a certain amount of time.  Time remaining is displayed on the left side of the screen.

What does the Invisibility item do?

The invisibility item makes you invisible to all players for a certain amount of time.  Time remaining is displayed on the left side of the screen.

What does the Speed item do?

The speed item doubles your movement speed for a certain amount of time.  Time remaining is displayed on the left side of the screen.