Hack24 : Release notes

First off, thank you for playing Hack24.  We have lots coming soon.  If you get a spare moment, please report any bugs to us via the contact support button.

Version 2.00

Our biggest update to date!

– Players can now change building type and the primary colour of them.
– Players can now message other online players.
– Non player characters have been added. Cool missions coming soon

Version 1.04


  • Fixed main LOGIN issue.
  • Fixed items not spawning.
  • Game Center automatically logs int.

Version 1.03


  • Fixed Scan Item which crashed if no one was online.
  • Fixed rating which went to a blank page.
  • Fixed spinner on logout.
  • Fixes to game center

Version 1.02


  • Push Notifications now tell you when you get hacked, robbed or lose a building.
  • Claim all item (rare) allows you to claim from all of your buildings in one go.
  • Steal item (rare) allows you to steal another players building permanently.
  • Scan has been renamed to Probe and a new item called Scan shows you who is online.
  • Rob Player (rare) item allows you to instantly rob another player for 10% of their money.
  • If you feel nice, you can now rate the app.
  • A couple of onscreen help dialogs.


  • UI bug fixes.
  • Speed increases.
  • Improvements to onscreen controls.
  • Security fixes.

Version 1.01

We did some server changes that may of caused a few uses a few issues with buildings not exiting when hacking or buying.  We are working on a fix for this in 1.02.  We had to do this to fix the building and item generation which was not working properly (e.g no lvl 1/2 buildings to hack).


  • You can now connect to Game Center and see how your doing on XP / Credits.
  • You can promote the game via Twitter and Facebook
  • You can now view release notes


  • Level 1 and 2 buildings now spawn.  These are a lot easier to hack for new players.
  • Rare items only spawn in high level buildings.
  • Limited teleport to 10000
  • Renamed buildings owned by Burf to Available to buy to reduce confusion
  • Show dialog when failed to hack a building
  • Fixed teleport coordinates system
  • Building costs changed
  • Capped building claim amount to 100000
  • Teleport list is now sorted by last claimed
  • UI fixes