Boris (given name)

Boris, Borys or Barys (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Борис; Барыс) is a male name of Bulgar origin. Nowadays, it is most widely represented in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, MontenegrBoris (given name)

Inoxia Records

Inoxia Records is a Japanese record label that is closely related to the experimental music band Boris. In addition to releasing, Inoxia also distributes other Japanese labels such as Daymare Recordings, Pedal Records, and Diwphalanx Records. * VariousInoxia Records

Marasmus (album)

Marasmus is Leng Tch'e's fourth full-length album and their second on Relapse Records. A video was made for the song "1-800-Apathy". * 1) "Lucid Denial" – 1:05 (Boris, Jan) * 2) "1-800-Apathy" – 3:42 (Jan, Medhi) * 3) "Tightrope Propaganda" – 2Marasmus (album)

Damaged (EP)

Damaged is a split EP by Japanese bands Boris and Stupid Babies Go Mad. It was released in 2007 by Diwphalanx Records as a picture disc on 10″ vinyl and limited to 1500 copies. The release also comes with a DVD. The cover features a homage to the classiDamaged (EP)

Boris Kandidov

Boris Pavlovich Kandidov (Борис Павлович Кандидов, 1902-1953) was a prominent Soviet propagandist of atheism and a scientific worker in the study of problems of religion and atheism. He was also a journalist and writer. Kandidov servBoris Kandidov

Andrew Boris

Andrew Boris or "Boris" is a morning radio personality in the Hudson Valley, New York. He was also the Program Director of WRRV since 1999. In January 2012, Boris became the program director of WPDH and is now currently the Host of The Boris & Robyn Show Andrew Boris

Boris and Gleb

Boris and Gleb (, Borisŭ i Glěbŭ; Борис и Глеб, Boris i Gleb;, Borys i Hlib), Christian names Roman and David, respectively (, Romanŭ, Davydŭ), were the first saints canonized in Kievan Rus' after the Christianization of the country. Their Boris and Gleb

Boris Smirnoff

Boris Smirnoff (1903 - 2007) was a Franco-Russian cubist, avant-gardist and analytical art painter. Boris Smirnoff was born in Russia. He had two brothers - Alexander and Vladimir. He was the youngest son. Vladimir was known as the artist-amateur and tBoris Smirnoff

Starring Boris Karloff

Starring Boris Karloff is an American radio and television anthology series broadcast for 13 weeks, September–December 1949, on the ABC Television network. Boris Karloff was the host and occasional star, with music by organist George Henninger. ProducedStarring Boris Karloff

Boris the Bear

Boris the Bear is a fictional comic book character featured in several comic book titles published between 1986 and 2008. The series began as a response to the popularity of the wave of anthropomorphic character titles that began with the publishing of TeBoris the Bear