Mindstorms NXT and Trains

At the start of June there is a small LEGO railway show at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  The first year I went I did a display of LEGO pneumatic engines which I really enjoyed building.  This year I have decided to bite the bullet and do something train related!  Dont worry, I am not going to the dark side.

Below is a  simple train demo which uses the LEGO Mindstorms NXT to control 2 9volt trains.  I actually really enjoyed creating this, all I need to do now is actually make some trains!

This has been programmed in RobotC and uses 2 light sensors and 2 touch sensors to detect and stop the train.  NXT motor port A powers the main track loop.  NXT motor port B and C power the part of the track that comes off the points as they are isolated.  So if NXT motor port A & B are on, train 1 will move. If NXT motor port A & C are on, train 2 moves.

Please let me know if you would like further information.