A free location based Augmented Reality Engine for iOS

For an upcoming project I am working on, I needed an augmented reality camera view that overlays location based data which users can interactive with. It also needed to have a radar in the top corner indicating where these locations where.

When I first looked at Augmented reality back in 2011, the main examples where based on an open source project called iPhoneARKit. I was looking for an updated version and found this little gem:

iOSARKit by Carlos Alonso. I actually spoke to Carlos who was very helpful and friendly.

For more info, please check his blog

I have made a few tweaks to this which can be found here : Burf GitHub

3D Stereoscopic demo for iOS

So the main reason I created a GitHub account was to upload my work on BurfWorld3D (Sorry for the rubbish name).

I have a keen interest in virtual reality and I decided to buy a (they also sent me one as I signed up as a developer.) This allows you to turn your Android/iPhone in to a head mounted display giving the user a virtual reality experience for a small cost. The issue I had was that the Durovis OpenDive SDK is for Unity only and so I started the hunt to find something I could use or convert so that native OpenGL apps could be made.

I also got for Christmas a DuoGamer iPad controller which was made for Gameloft games only, however luckily someone had made their own SDK for it which I found on GitHub. I thought this would be a great way to move around in the 3D space.

So, I created a simple 3D demo where you can walk around buildings, up stairs, etc. Has collision control and gravity, still needs a lot of work but may help others.

2014-03-20 17.52.00

BurfWorld 3D on GitHub

Thanks to mringwal for the Duo Gamer SDK.

Thanks to sphereinabox For the initial OpenGl iOS split screen view for the iPad.

Burf is on GitHub

It has always been something I have planned to do, start putting my code on GitHub to help others. However I was always concerned that my code was not in the correct state (clean, readable, bug free) for others to use. I have decided sometimes, you just need to bite the bullet and just release it.

Here is my GitHub