Looking back at old code : SplatIT

After I had submitted Stupid Chicken I thought I would look back on SplatIT. This was the first ever game I made for iOS which led on to me making it for Android and Windows Phone 7. This simple whacker mole type game was purely a project to get something simple submitted and learn from it.

So I decided to revisit the code, boy have things changed. It was targeted at iOS3!! No blocks, storyboards, @2x etc, ARC.

So, for fun I thought I would spend a hour or so moving it through the ages. Getting it to work with an iPhone 5, using storyboards and ARC.

I deleted a lot more code than I added, by quite a bit! I was tempted to convert to SpriteKit but decided thats overkill and rather pointless. I could spend that time making a good game.

I have submitted the new version, added iAds, made it work with different screen resolutions etc.

Lets see what happens.

Stupid Chicken has been submitted to the Apple Appstore

So last night I set myself the target to release Stupid Chicken for the iPhone. This game was originally built at Dave’s Crazy Game Jam but was far from finished.

I used Trello to map out the minimum I needed to do.

– Sign backup as an Apple Developer as I can’t really release it under the work account. This led me to setting up all the certificates and provisioning profiles which is a lot easier in Xcode 5 than it used to be. Generally in my day to day job I don’t need to do this.

– Add all required graphics for all screen sizes (icons, backgrounds etc). I invested in iDraw which had really good reviews and was only £17.99 on the Mac store. It had a good tutorial on how to make nice buttons which I needed.

– Add game over screen, this for now is a simple alert.

– Add Facebook and Twitter sharing. This for the moment uses the native iOS social framework. Generally I would use the Facebook one but that felt a little over kill for the moment.

– Add Apple iAds. This was so simple to do. Well done Apple.

– Fix outstanding bugs!

I did this, and submitted the app. Hopefully it will be approved shortly.