Lego Technic Automatic Synchro Drives

I saw someone make one of these on Eurobricks and was blown away by it.  I had never seen one before and instantly wanted to build one however I held off for a bit and worked out how it worked that week while travelling to work.  Once it got to Friday night and the wife went out, I decided to see if I could make one without using any online resources.  I also decided to make it in studdless technic beams instead of my usual studded build.

2 hours later and here it is!  Extremely happy about this especially as it did not take long to build.  I actually fancy building one a lot bigger than this.  Maybe 2-3 foot round.

Lego Automatic Gearbox (3 speed)

While I take the train to London, I have plenty of crazy thinking time and so I think about what I would like to try out.  So when I get home I build little simple projects like a 3 speed automatic transmission.

So this works by centrifugal force, the faster the motor turn the yellow thing (will think of a more technical name) the more it expands and pushes the center axle up.  This forces the gear changes.  The motor is controlled via a RCX as it was part of a display.