A bit more fun than the normal day at work, I was asked to investigate iBeacons.  We had been sent 4 3rd party iBeacons to try out which had been setup with different Major and Minor settings and transmitting frequency (seconds).

To be honest, I did not know where to start, however a nice tutorial on Raywenderlich.com covered everything I needed to know to complete the tutorial.

iBeacons Tutorial


Raywenderlich.com Podcast

For anyone who has ever searched Google looking for iOS tutorials, Raywenderlich.com is always near the top, if not at the top. The site offers some of the best tutorials out there on so many subjects.

Anyway, they are now doing a podcast which is currently on its 4th episode. It covers a wide range of things (iOS news, whats new on the site, tutorials, in depth discussions etc).

Check it out
Raywenderlich.com Podcast