Below are some of our robotics projects:


This was my first experiment using ROS (Robotic Operating System)  The idea was to make a self-driving tank using VEX EDR as the building platform, ROS for software and a Lidar sensor.

#ros powered @vexrobotics #vexedr #robot running #slam :) #lidar

Once the mapping was working, I then mounted it to a larger VEX platform


VEX EDR Humanoid

So the aim of this project was to learn more about the maths of robotics.  I had to code everything for this robot in C so that given an XYZ in space, the robot could work out how to move its arms to reach that object.  A lot of trigonometry was used!

It now has a head :) #robotics is #epic. @vexrobotics


LEGO Humanoid

This was one of my most fun project in LEGO and was invited to a TEDx event in London.  I built this robot for the LEGO charity event organized by FairyBricks called Bricktastic.  It’s main job was to greet the visitors as it could talk.!

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